Monday, November 9, 2009

Devrabetta to Ancheti

On Sunday 8th November myself ,Subir Mahesh and my four years old daughter Avantika decided to brave the rain ,and head off to Devrabetta which is a small rocky outcrop on the southern edge of the Bannerghatta forest. We left Nisarga layout at around around 7 am. But by the time we reached the base of the hillock, it started raining heavy. We were mulling over, either returning back home, or exploring Ancheti. After a hot cup of tea on the way to Thalli, we decided to go ahead with the Ancheti Plan in spite of the rain, just to enjoy a good ride.The road from Thalli to Ancheti is in excellent shape, its really a joy ride. We stopped whenever a bit of light came out and were rewarded with some good sightings.

Sightings were good all along the road passing through the forest patch,while at Ancheti, though the lake was quite full, there were not many birds.

There were also many birds we could not identify. Mahesh has few pictures taken of those birds, so will post it here when he uploads them so that members here can id them.

All in all a it was a great Sunday well spent.

Here is the list birds :

1 White Throated Kingfisher
2 Marsh Harrier
3 Common Crow
4 Common Myna
5 Asian Palm Swift
6 Yellow Billed Babbler
7 Grey Jungle Fowl ( Call)
8 White Headed Babbler
9 Rock Pegion
10 Common Kestrel
11  Greater Coucal
12 Brahminy Kite
13 Common Iora
14 Blue Rock Thrush
15 Little Cormorant
16 Bay Backed Shrike
17 Rufous Treepie
18 Red Wattled Lapwing
19 Oriental Magpie Robin
20 Green Bee Eater
21 Red Rumped Swallow
22 Red Rumped Bulbul
23 Black Kite
24 Ashy Prinia
25 Rose Ringed Parakeet
26 Indian Roller
27 Tailor Bird
28 Pond Heron
29 Little Grebe
30 Painted Stork
31 Intermediate Egret
32 Red Whiskered Bulbul
33 Pallid Harrier
34 Common Kestrel
35 Eurasian Sparrow Hawk
36 Spotted Dove
37 Common Coot
38 Jungle Crow
39 Golden Fronted Leafbird
40 Black Drongo
41 Indian Robin
42 Pied Bush Chat
43 Brahminy Starling
44 Purple Sunbird
45 Purple Rumped Sunbird
46 Loten's Sunbird 
47 Jerdon's Bush Lark

Also spotted a bird which looked like Loten's Sun Bird but had big white patches on the chest and underbelly.

Here is the link for the pictures taken by me.

And here are the beautiful pictures taken by Mahesh (

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