Thursday, April 22, 2010

Third Sunday Outing - Bird List- April 2010

The scorching heat of April, didnt deter around 22 nature lovers to meet up at Harapanahalli for the Third Sunday Trail around Jigani Lake. During the monsoon this lake literally overflows and  the bund covers Harapanni Halli. ,Koppa Village and Jigani. Now the water is drying up and stagnant mostly towards Jigani Village.Apart from the usual sightings , the new entrant to the list spotted during Third Sunday is the Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark. I am thankful to Saandip Nandagudi who has compiled this list.Here it is :

1.       Paddyfield Pipit
2.       Indian Silverbill
3.       Little Cormorant
4.       Little Egret
5.       Grey Wagtail
6.       House Sparrow M+F
7.       Common Myna M+F
8.       House Crow M+F
9.       Pied Kingfisher
10.   Common Kingfisher
11.   White Throated Kingfisher
12.   Rufous Treepie
13.   Common Iora M+F
14.   Red Wattled Lapwing
15.   Yellow Wattled Lapwing
16.   Pheasant Tailed Jacana
17.   Red Rumped Swallow
18.   Barn Swallow
19.   Baya Weaver
20.   Purple Heron
21.   Pond Heron
22.   Darter
23.   Black Kite
24.   Scaly Breasted Munia
25.   Spotted Dove
26.   Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark
27.   Plain Prinia
28.   Ashy Prinia
29.   Greater Coucal
30.   Rose Ringed Parakeet
31.   Cattle Egret
32.   Common Coot
33.   Purple Swamphen
34.   White Cheeked Barbet
35.   Coppersmith Barbet
36.   Asian Koel M+F
37.   Brahminy Kite
38.   White Browed Wagtail
39.   Spot Billed Ducks
40    Green Bee Eater
41    Black Drongo
And of course there was continuous call of the Francolin, which never showed up though.

Here is the link to view Saandip's photos

And here is the link to the photos taken by me

Durai's photos can be see at


  1. This is really good. I wish I were in Bangalore for one of these trips. I will ensure I am there some weekend.


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