Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Third Sunday Trail- 18th July 2010 - a late report

What a outing it was ....Subbu,MBK,Karthik,Ulhas,Deepa,Vittal...you name it and all the expert birders from Bangalore,were there....A BIG thanks to all who joined in..nearly 120 nature lovers came to Kalkere to have another enjoyable and educative trail.

Here is a very informative link by Deepa Mohan (mohandeepa@gmail.com)

and here is the link of photos by Rajani Chand  ( rajanichand@gmail.com)

Here is Durai's link for the pics taken during the trail ( p.durairaj@gmail.com)

And finally Mahesh's pics of few of the birds that were spotted

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