Monday, November 22, 2010

Third Sunday Trail - 21st November-List

The road from Mahatlingapura to Harohalli has been a favourite one for long drives with lots of greenery with paddy fields and forest patches around it..hence, I knew it will be a good place for birding instead of the earlier plan of going to Harohalli Lake, Mahesh and myself decided that we should opt for the open landscape around Urganadoddi for this month's trail...of course Mahesh missed this excellent spot of birding as he had to go for his honeymoon trip.

It was nice to see a mix of amateurs and experts in the group of around 28 of us. Vittal ,as usual has been so helpful with his knowledge and expertise specially about the spider and insect world.

Also thankful to Arun Ramu and others who could pool others in their vehicles so that all of us reached the place without much effort...and we wound up the session by having our breakfast at good old Lotus ( Sorry Vittal, you missed this ....)

Here is the list of birds :

1) Scaly-breasted Munia
2) Indian Silverbill
3) Red Avadavat ( A pair)
4) House Sparrow
5) Paddyfield Pipit
6) White Browed Wgatail
7) Purple Rumped Sunbird
8) Jungle Babbler
9) Common Tailorbird
10) Unid. warbler
11) Ashy Prinia
12) Plain Prinia
13) White Browed Bulbul
14) Red vented Bulbul
15) Red Rumped Swallow
16) Great Tit
17) Common Myna
18) Indian Robin
19) Pied Bushchat
20) Blue Rock Thrush
21) Black Drongo
22) House Crow
23) Large Billed Crow
24) Eurasian Golden Oriole
25) Oriental Honey Buzzard
26) Pallid Harrier
27) Black Shouldered Kite
27) Red-wattled Lapwing
28) Rock Pigeon
29) Laughing Dove
30) Spotted Dove
31) Rose-ringed Parakeet
32) Coucal
33) Pied Cuckoo
34) Green Bee-eater
35) White-throated Kingfisher
36) Indian Roller

Here are the pictures taken by Arun Ramu

Here is the link to photos taken by Ramakrishna

Here is the link to pics taken by Saandip

Durairaj's link of the pictures taken during the trail


  1. Superb shots! Place is a bird heaven I guess! Hope to join you all on the next trail!

  2. Thanks Taushik..we do look forward to seeing you during the trails