Friday, January 21, 2011

Third Sunday Trail-16h January 2011 - Check List

HSBC Bird Race meant that almost all the birders will be taking part in the least that is what I thought...I wasn't taking part due to an engagement nor was Mahesh, hence decided to explore the Haragadde area for the trail. I wasn't expecting more than five or six people including myself, but it was nice to see a small group of around fourteen turning up for the trail.

Haragadde is a small village close to Jigani Industrial Estate , on the way to Anekal.A quick search on google says that the name Haragadde came from "Haruvara Gadde" which means fields of Brahmins. The village was referred as "Khagapuri (town of cranes)" in puranas. It must have been so nice if those cranes were to be seen now....Haragadde of the Kalyug is becoming increasingly a dumping ground for the industrial units surrounding the village.Entire lake is being fenced now to check on the illegal fishing and encroachments.Right now, the lake is drying up except in patches where there is water,yet on the previous day on my recce I had seen many ducks, which were not to be seen on Sunday.

Our birding began on a foggy note..apart from the regular sightings it was good to see the Blue-tailed Bee-eaters and two spotted owlets on two different trees.A Marsh Harrier gave good photo ops. for people with Big Lens with several aerial actions. The trail was rounded off with the sighting of River Terns at Harapanahalli Lake and of course breakfast at good old Lotus restaurant.

Here is the check list of birds :

1) Red Avadavat
2)White-cheeked Barbet
3) Common Babbler
4) White-cheeked Barbet
5) Blue-tailed Bee-eater
6) Green Bee-eater
7) Red-whiskered Bulbul
8) Red-vented Bulbul
9) Pied Bushchat
10)Common Coot
11) Little Cormorant
12) Greater Coucal
13) Large Billed Crow
14) Spotted Dove
15) Black Drongo
16) Spot-billed Duck
17) Cattle Egret
18) Intermediate Egret
19) Francolin ( Call)
20) Eurasian Marsh Harrier
21) Indian Pond Heron
22) Purple Heron
23) Common Hoopoe
24) Bronze-winged Jacana
25) White-throated Kingfisher
26) Common Kingfisher
27) Black Kite
28) Black-shouldered Kite
29) Asian Koel
30) Red-wattled Lapwing
31) Black-headed Munia
32) Common Myna
33) Eurasian Golden Oriole
34) Spotted Owlet
35) Rose-ringed Parakeet
36) Paddyfield Pipit
37) Plain Prinia
38) Oriental Magpie Robin
39) Indian Roller
40) Common Sandpiper
41) Brown Shrike
42) Indian Silverbill
43) House Sparrow
44) Purple-rumped Sunbird
45) Red-rumped Swallow
46) Wire-tailed Swallow
47) Purple Swamphen
48) River Tern
49) White-browed Wagtail

And also an unidentified warbler, though it gave us several opportunities see it, but hardly sat still to id it properly...

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