Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Third Sunday Nature Trail-15th January 2012

Pic by Arun Ramu                                        
Hi Friends!!

Like the previous year, this year too I wasn't expecting many people to turn up for the Third Sunday Trail because  it was also the day of  HSBC Bird Race...hence it was really nice to see so many friends joining us for the trail to Hulimangala. The day was foggy with hardly much to spot when it started ,however slowly opening up as the sun rose. It was exciting to see the Mottled Wood Owl taking its place in the list for the first time for Third Sunday Nature Trail, so was white-eyed buzzard ..No No I am NOT claiming that it wasn't there earlier, just that it was spotted for the first time during any Third Sunday Trails so far..:-)
Pic by Arun Ramu
As far as I am concerned, it was an amazing day indeed as I was taking part in the event for the first time. Bumping onto friends , spending a whole day birding lazily. ( Yes, lazily as we also managed to catch up with some sleep on the way..:-) apart from eating a hearty meal at Ramakrishna Mission school.Best part of the whole exercise for me was to meet up with friends and seniors in the evening and relishing the good food.
Pic by Arun Ramu
Congratulations to all the teams and lets carry on birding & bird watching which will add to the fun n joy as well as help in compiling data for the benefit of the Grey Celled Birders.

Bangalore birders rock..and lets keep rocking!!



Bird List compiled by Sudhir Naik

1 Little Cormorant
2 Little Egret
3 Cattle Egret
4 Grey Heron
5 Purple Heron
6 Indian Pond-Heron
7 Woolly-necked Stork
8 Oriental Honey-Buzzard
9 Black-shouldered Kite
10 Black Kite
11 Brahminy Kite
12 Western Marsh-Harrier
13 Shikra
14 Booted Eagle
15 Grey Francolin
16 Purple Swamphen
17 Red-wattled Lapwing
18 Wood Sandpiper
19 Green Sandpiper
20 Common Sandpiper
21 Blue Rock Pigeon
22 Laughing Dove
23 Spotted Dove
24 Rose-ringed Parakeet
25 Asian Koel
26 Greater Coucal
27 Barn Owl
28 Mottled Wood-Owl
29 Spotted Owlet
30 Common Kingfisher
31 White-throated Kingfisher
32 Little Green Bee-eater
33 Indian Roller
34 Common Hoopoe
35 White-cheeked Barbet
36 Coppersmith Barbet
37 Black-rumped Flameback
38 House Swift
39 Barn Swallow
40 Red-rumped Swallow
41 White-browed Wagtail
42 Grey Wagtail
43 Paddyfield Pipit
44 Tree Pipit
45 Red-whiskered Bulbul
46 Brown Shrike
47 Oriental Magpie-Robin
48 Ashy Prinia
49 Blyth's Reed-Warbler
50 Clamorous Reed-Warbler
51 Booted Warbler
52 Greenish Warbler
53 Pale-billed Flowerpecker
54 Purple-rumped Sunbird
55 Purple Sunbird
56 Rosy Starling
57 Common Myna
58 Jungle Myna
59 Indian Golden Oriole
60 Black Drongo
61 Ashy Drongo
62 House Crow
63 Indian Jungle Crow

If I have missed anything here, pl add up to the list. Thanks

Here is the link to the few new and old photos of the Third Sunday Trails

Jayanta's beautiful pictures of the day can be seen in this link


  1. That's a huge list of birds... Nice write-up too... :)

  2. Tried, greedipigs that we are, to come to Hulimangala and join this as well as participate in the bird race. We missed most of the people, but did manage to see you, and some of the lovely birds, too, including that Mottled Wood Owl! Thank you, Geetanjali, for organizing the outings month after month, tirelessly.

    1. Thanks Molarbear.It was indeed fun to have good company alongwith the joy of birding....btw, can I know what is the name of this "molarbear" ???