Monday, March 19, 2012

Third Sunday Trail - March 2012 - Bird List

Early summer had made us decide to pre-pone the meeting time to 6.00 am. Though most of us could reach the meeting place in time, by the time we reached Urugunadoddi after a leisurely "Chai" session it was almost 7.15 am when the trail began. Sighting was not great in numbers.The entire landscape seem to be changing faster than one can imagine. We could see many layouts being formed and the massive quarrying going on all over the place.We also saw the medical waste being dumped there....couple of us will take this issue with the local authorities soon.

As soon as we reached the spot we saw a flock of Red Avadavats flying from one bush to the other.I did not see any male in the flock. Not sure if others saw one. Couple of us also spotted Common Kestrel on our  way back.

List :
1) Barred Button Quail 
2) White-cheeked Barbet
3) Indian Roller
4) Green Bee-eater
5) Greater Coucal
6) Rose-ringed Parakeet
7) Rock Pigeon
8) Spotted Dove
9) Laughing Dove
10) Red-wattled Lapwing
11) Black Kite
12) Black-shouldered Kite
13) Oriental Honey Buzzard
14) Common Kestrel
15) Little Egret
16) Cattle Egret
17) Indian Pond Heron
18) Bay-backed Shrike
19) Long-tailed Shrike
19) House Crow
20) Large-billed Crow
21) Eurasian Golden Oriole
22) Black Drongo
23) Ashy Drongo
23) Oriental Magpie Robin
24) Common Myna
25) Jungle Myna
25) Great Tit
26) Barn Swallow
27) Wire-tailed Swallow
28) Red-vented Bulbul
29) Red-whiskered Bulbul
29) Pied Bushchat
30) Plain Prinia
31) Ashy Prinia
32) Oriental White-eye
33) Common Tailorbird
34) Indian Bushlark 
35) Rufous-tailed lark
36) Purple Sunbird
37) House Sparrow
38) White-browed Wagtail
39) Paddyfield Pipt 
40) Red Avadavat
41) Indian Silverbill

If I have missed anything there, pl add up to the list.

Those with facebook account can check few of the photos taken during today's trail from this pic onwards. 

Here is Deepa Mohan's album about the trail. 

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